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Strategic Financial Solutions for Family Wealth Management

Alpha Wealth Strategies is a registered investment advisory firm headquartered in beautiful Cypress, Texas, with a meeting facility in Uptown Houston . We provide fee-only investment consulting and financial advice. Independent from product sales and brokerage firms, Alpha Wealth Strategies avoids potential conflicts of interest by working solely for you. We receive no compensation from third parties such as mutual fund or insurance companies, and we do not sell any financial products.

We work with successful people who have accumulated wealth and are interested in tried and true strategies for investing to preserve what they have accumulated. Although no minimum asset level is required, initial minimum fees assume an account size of $2 million. Alpha Wealth Strategies' clients work directly with the owner/founder, as well as the entire team. The firm's services are geared toward the knowledgeable, experienced investor who can appreciate the time tested approach of long term, strategic asset allocation and a manager selection process employed by institutional investors. A prudent and well defined process is followed to ensure that uncompensated risks are avoided and optimal returns are achieved over time, relative to the risk accepted in the portfolio strategy.

Financial objectives may include:

  • Preserving personal wealth for yourself, your spouse and heirs
  • Establishing planned giving strategies and creating charitable legacies
  • Increasing peace of mind through the knowledge you are following prudent, proven strategies for financial success
  • Maximizing wealth transfers during your lifetime and at your death
  • Minimizing the risk of financial catastrophe
  • Protecting against inflation and imprudent investment strategies
  • Reducing income tax burdens through tax sensitive investment strategies
  • Establishing a cash flow strategy that fits within the context of your family's overall wealth goals

Best Practices: A Professional Code of Conduct
March, 2017

The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard’s Best Practices, a professional code of conduct for fiduciary advisors, outlines what advisors agree to do for clients. Here, each Best Practice is listed and the requirements of each practice is put in italics below it. These are the specific actions that aim to uphold a high standard. As a firm subscribing to Best Practices, we commit to the following:

  1. Affirm the fiduciary standard under the Advisers Act of 1940, common law and, if applicable, ERISA and DOL’s COI Rule, govern all professional advisory client relationships at all times.
    Fiduciary status, as required in law, applies at all times in all client engagements and this affirmation is stated in writing in Alpha Wealth Strategies' advisory agreement.
  2. Establish and document a “reasonable basis” for advice in the best interest of the client.
    Advice is given on a “reasonable basis” and a summary of this “reasonable basis” will be provided by Alpha Wealth Strategies, LLC, in writing, upon request.
  3. Communicate clearly and truthfully, both orally and in writing. Do not mislead. Make all disclosures and important agreements in writing.
    All important client agreements and disclosures are put in writing and we will ensure that no written or verbal statements are misleading.
  4. Provide a written statement of total fees and underlying investment expenses paid by the client. Include any payments to the advisor or the firm or related parties from any third party resulting from the advisor’s recommendations.
    We will provide a good faith estimate of fees and expenses in writing during the starting phase of the engagement no later than when the investment policy is agreed to. Thereafter, we will offer to all clients and will provide, upon request, an annual good faith estimate in writing of total fees and expenses incurred by each client and paid to the firm or related parties because of our advice.
  5. Avoid conflicts and potential conflicts. Disclose all unavoidable potential and actual conflicts. Manage or mitigate material conflicts. Acknowledge that material conflicts of interest are incompatible with objective advice.
    We seek to avoid all conflicts of interest. For unavoidable conflicts, such as those that might arise because our fees are based on asset values in your portfolio(s), we  1) affirmatively disclose the conflict with ‘sufficiently specific facts’ to allow you to understand the conflict, and 2) manage the conflict to preserve your best interest is being served. 3) For material conflicts we obtain informed written consent to the conflict. Also, 4) we will affirm the transaction remains consistent with your best interests. Further, we will provide clients and prospective clients a written description of conflicts and steps to manage them.
  6. Abstain from principal trading unless a client initiates an order to purchase the security on an unsolicited basis.
    We  abstain from principal trading.
  7. Avoid compensation in association with client transactions. If such compensation is unavoidable, demonstrate how the conflict is managed and overcome and the product recommendation and compensation serves the client’s best interest.
    I do not receive compensation in association with any client transaction.
  8. Avoid gifts or entertainment that are not minimal and not occasional. Avoid third party payments, “benefits” and indirect payments that do not generally benefit the firm’s clients and may reasonably be perceived to impair objectivity.
    Gifts and entertainment received are de minimis [valued at less than $100 per year] and occasional. Any third party compensation or benefits received by the firm generally benefit the firm’s clients and do not impair my objectivity as your adviser.
  9. Ensure baseline knowledge, competence and ongoing education appropriate for the engagement.
    My education, professional certifications and ongoing education are appropriate for client engagements which includes a graduate degree in accounting and a variety of  specialty designations and certifications requiring significant continuing education.
  10. Institute an investment policy statement (IPS) or an investment policy process (IPP) that is appropriate to the engagement and describes the investment strategy. Have access to a representative universe of investment vehicles that provide ample options to meet the desired asset allocation in consideration of generally accepted criteria.
    An investment policy statement is developed and furnished in writing to each client, and a sample copy is available on request to any prospective client.
  11. Consider peer group rankings or apply specific procedures in ensuring underlying investment expenses are reasonable.
    We benchmark the mutual fund fees clients incur with reliable services or surveys or other resources and strive to ensure that client expenses are reasonable.
  12. The advisor affirms in writing adherence to Best Practices, and attains written affirmation from the firm that these business practices may be met by the advisor.
    I commit to adherence to Best Practices and confirm that no Alpha Wealth Strategies policy interferes with my ability to adhere to them.